Royal Jelly from Greece

What exactly royal jelly is?

Royal Jelly is the product of secretions by the pharynx and maxillofacial glands of young happy bees when availability of pollen, water, honey and proper temperature is reached. It has a sub yellowish hue and sub acid taste that is slightly caustic. It is the exclusive food of the Queen bee throughout her life. It is stored in special royal cells in the beehive by young bee-workers for the nutrition of royal larvae.

Did you know that…

  • Due to this special nutrition, the queen bee, in comparison to the workers, acquires double the size and the more vivid colors. She live 40 times more and gives birth to around 2-3 thousand eggs a day that weight two time her weight and 2.3 times her volume!
  • Although most of the ingredients of Royal Jelly are known, science has failed in its ability to replicate the process of production both for Royal Jelly and honey. Royal Jelly produced synthetically in laboratories was characterized as resembling “potato mash”, due to persistent inability to identify the mysterious 3% that contain bio catalysts of powerful biological value, as well as unknown by-products of DNA and RNA genetic material.
  • It has been proven that fresh royal jelly positively influences metabolism, development and longevity. Its mechanism of fast cell-renewal invigorates weakened, afflicted, and aging organisms. It rejuvenates bodily and mental functions, strengthens the memory, increases stamina, and has a positive effect in sexual functions enhancing the libido and fertility. Likewise, it acts against bacteria, and it limits emotional imbalances thus successfully protecting against the intensity of stress that many people face due to modern ways of living.

Why Melisanthi’s royal jelly?

The biological royal jelly Melisanthi is collected, stored, and transported with outmost care in order to reach the consumer in the same quality that a young queen bee experiences.

We keep on this promise by:

  • collecting it only in spring, the natural time that worker bees lavishly produce with the richest ingredients, due to an abundance of primary materials ( pollen, nectar)
  • fortifying the honeycombs with honey water from their own honey production, avoiding substitute sources of pollen and sugar water that has been proven to alter the natural consistency of sugars of Royal .

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